This isn't a how-to. I'm not a pinterest mom. I'm a firm believer in faking it 'til you make it. This is for all the millennials out there who secretly have no idea what they're doing. I'm looking at you, millennial caregivers. 

Embryo Results!

And then there were 5! We are so happy to say that we have 5 healthy frozen embryos! Out of the 11 embryos that were tested, 5 are free of the HD gene, chromosomally normal and look GREAT! It's so incredible to think that our future babies are just waiting until we are ready. It's like we can finally breathe again (at least for the time being). We would never want 5 kids, but as some embryos don't stick for one reason or another, we are happy to have 5 embryos to work with. 

Our doctor also knows the sexes of our little popsicle babies! She told me that we have a good mix of boys and girls. We decided not to find out gender this early in the game. We'll wait until we are actually pregnant for that surprise. When we decide to transfer, our doctor won't look at sexes but will pick out the healthiest little guy (or girl). 

We are over the moon excited! After so much worrying, so many syringes, bloating and tears, we have our fantastic frozen five :) 

We are going to relax for a bit, go on our vacation to Asia and then regroup in 2014. When we decide to transfer, the next step will be more hormones for a few weeks (although no more syringes!) and then the actual procedure which is fairly simple. Of course, as I said, there are no guarantees that the transfer will "take" but we're hoping that my age and health are in our favor. We may have to try a couple of embryos before one sticks which is why it's fantastic to have our five! Goodbye 2013, Hellooooo 2014!! 

A New Year

Embryos Day 5 & 6