This isn't a how-to. I'm not a pinterest mom. I'm a firm believer in faking it 'til you make it. This is for all the millennials out there who secretly have no idea what they're doing. I'm looking at you, millennial caregivers. 

My First 1/2 Marathon!

I finished my first 1/2 Marathon yesterday! I actually didn't do too shabby! I finished in just over 2 hours which is much faster than I thought -- about 9:30 per mile. The crowd and energy really pumped me up. Even though my body is hating me right now, it felt so amazing to cross that finish line. 

My friends and family helped me raise over $5,000 for the Huntington's Disease Society of America! It's incredible. Hopefully that money will help those with the disease and, who knows, maybe it could lead to a cure. The generosity of others is really shocking sometimes. It blows me away. 

Anytime I felt like I wanted to slow down during the race, I just thought about all of the people with this awful disease who can't walk anymore. How terrible is it that something so basic as walking or running becomes a luxury? You just can't take it for granted. Selfishly, I thought about myself a lot while I was running. I thought about the reality that one day, without a cure, I may not be able to run or walk myself. That was the little kick in the butt whenever I was thinking about slowing down. 

Would I like to tackle a marathon next? Hell no! :) But I would like to continue to run and take care of my body. If anything, all of this craziness has really taught me that every day counts and, if you want it bad enough, you can push yourself to do things that you never thought you could.

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